On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. In the days and weeks that followed, Puertorriqueños struggled to cope with the aftermath, and Puertorriqueños outside of Puerto Rico struggled to provide help.

The mishandling of aid and relief, a destroyed power grid, ill-prepared hospitals, and blocked roads contributed to the death of more than 4,000 people.

We will not forget our brothers and sisters. We will take action and protest a political system that does not work for people of color. 

                 We will never forget.
We will never forget.

Who We Are


We are a collaborative grassroots organization of boricuas and allies.

What We Do


We promote education, advocacy, and action for the Puerto Rican community in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

March With Us


Join us on September 21, 2019, at 10 a.m. at Philadelphia City Hall for this year's march.

Help Us With March Expenses

Permits. Tents. Port-o-Potties. Sound systems. It takes money to put on a large march like this. Since we are run by grassroots volunteers, we need help paying for march expenses. Please consider giving to our GoFundMe.